Candle Magic


🕯Candle Magic🕯

We’ve had some spooky weirdness happening of late*, so I was compelled to do a deep cleanse of the house and thought I’d share this simple but very effective practice for anyone who might benefit 

Candle magic is probably one of the most common methods of enchantment; easy for beginners and effective enough to keep using throughout ones magical career. You’ll find plenty of how-to guides on the internet, but this is how I do it. 

This is the basic structure, in this context used for protection but can be used for other means too - and as always, customise to suit your own materia and inclinations!

1 gather your materials: 

  • a candle (we use the beeswax candles we stock /product placement/ but any candle will do) 
  • a fire-safe vessel
  • some earth or fine powder (I’m using red ochre, but fine soil from the land you’re on, or finely ground incense/herbs are good too) 
  • a scribing tool (I use an old tattoo needle but anything pointy is good, bonus if it’s something significant to you) 
  • dry protective herbs (I use homegrown basil)
  • smudging herb or other cleansing tool (again homegrown basil for me here, linking the smudge work with the candle) and something to catch embers and put it out in 
  • symbol or sigil of intent (mine is a purpose-made home protection sigil /see our sigil guide if you’d like an idea of how to make one/. The rune Algiz would also be a good fit here
  • a lighter 

2 make some space to work in, perhaps at your altar, and tune into your materials and let them know what you’d like them to help you with. You might like to put on some music or incense to set the mood 

3 inscribe your Sigil/symbol into the candle while remaining focused on your intent. Don’t worry about artistic quality here, you’re about to burn the evidence anyway 

4 rub some of your saliva onto the sigil, then rub in some of your earth to bring it to life. You could use a particular oil that pertains to your intent here too, but I like saliva and red ochre for the life-giving qualities of my body fluids, and iron rich earth for blood

5 speak to your candle of its intended purpose, sprinkle on some of the dry herb, place it in its fireproof dish, then light it up 

6 take your smudge stick and light it from the candle, then cleanse your space while you hold and/or speak your intent, giving special focus to doorways, windows and anywhere that feels a bit heavy or stagnant

7 back at your candle space, put out your smudge, thank your candle and blow it out, and affirm that the work is now done. 

Suffice to say that the spooky activity ceased, a job well done. Things feel clear and radiant. I like to do some form of energy cleansing whenever we're doing a big physical tidy-up of the house - but sometimes that's not often enough ;)

*what we were experiencing was what seemed like haunted fairy lights, quite cute really, and probably benign. I’d been doing a fair bit of spirit and ancestor work, but probably not enough spiritual hygiene work. If you call a lot in, it makes sense to diligently discern what turns up. 

The lights were sitting in a pile of stuff next to our altar and suddenly turned on when I started sweeping it, so I figured they wanted to be a part of it. After a few nights of the lights turning on and off at auspicious moments, we became quite entertained by the idea that we had fairies in our fairy lights. After it started getting particularly weird, and everyone else was in bed, I asked them to respond to a few “yes or no” questions with flashes, and they did. 

This kind of thing would’ve excited the hell out of me 10 years ago, (I used to try so hard to get this kind of thing happening, ha!) but being (slightly) less reckless and having young children in the house I didn’t want to spook, I figured it wasn’t worth the entertainment. 

My candle ritual involved asking my ally’s to address this situation, and if it wasn’t here for our benefit specifically, it was to leave.

Post ritual divination suggested it was some kind of wanderer, drifter, fairly neutral, and it was now gone. I felt a little regret for kicking out a potentially friendly and interesting stranger so hastily, maybe i should've divined first, but again, with kids and it’s residence on my altar, it didn't seem worth it. 

Oh and the other thing was that the lady of the house, far more psychic than i am, was having some rather disturbing dreams about a deranged creature trying to get in, unaware that I’d been talking to lights, so when she told me this and that piece of the puzzle was in play, the candle-bomb was dropped. Farewell, creature of the lights.

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