In the beginning was the Word...

...and the word was Blog...or something

A new blog is born for Hey Moon, and where better to start than in the beginning, with the Word itself?

When we string together the right sounds or geometric symbols, we create a word that expresses an intended meaning into the world. In order to do so we must first learn how to spell. 

A "Grimoire" is a spell book; a description of magical symbols and how to combine them to produce spells with certain effects. Grimoire is derived from the word "Grammar"; a description of how to combine letters and words to create well-formed sentences. So you could say that making words is a form of spell-casting, requiring a basic understanding of symbol use, or grammar. Is it a coincidence that the word spell means to make words as well as to make magic

When we commune with the universe, we find it's a rather playful place. While there are shared etymological origins of words that reveal deeper meaning, there are also a lot of double-meanings, coincidences, and plenty of room for word-play with which we can explore more dimensions of seemingly simple word spells. It's also worth considering that our subconscious mind does not process information logically, like our conscious mind does, which may lend some insight into how these less-logical, symbolic spells work their magic. Here's a few examples to ponder..

Earth / Heart

Live / Evil

Am God / Dogma

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A Double-edged (s)word

"Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it". – Albus Dumbledore

With words we de-fine, we cut a portion of the infinite All and make it finite, we separate the object from the whole. This is obviously advantageous when we wish to de-scribe components of our world, for without names and objects we are undefined from the infinite, we are all One (hmmm...). But wordS are like a Sword, in that they are double-edged; when we use them to make that cut from the infinite, we describe a nature of the object, not the nature. So with the swinging of our (s)word consciously, we continue to refine what we define, make these cuts precisely where we choose, and maintain awareness of how words are used towards us from those in apparent Author-ity, as this combination influences the scripting of our experience, and who should be the author of your story, but you? 



Let's play! First, let's look at the most famous magic word - ABRACADABRA

Although the origins of this word are unknown, best guesses suggest it is derived from phrases in Hebrew that mean "I will create as I speak", or Aramaic "I create like the word

So in this somewhat overused, cliché magical phrase we find this potent occult secret was hidden in plain sight - that we create with our words. 

To quote the late, great Terrence McKenna: "The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words the world is made of you can make of it what you wish" 

My take on this is that words emit a frequency that affects the underlying codes of reality, the field of in-formation that comes into form. Other frequencies affect these codes too, such as thoughts, feelings, physical actions and geometry... but the power of words is in their ability to evoke a number of these frequencies at once

While attempting to teach our son, who is still determined to be unencumbered by the english language, how to spell in our homeschool class  "Wizard School", i noticed something else about this word, and that is that it has 5 A's in it - do you know of something else that has 5 A's in it?


Coincidence? Yes. In that I have searched for any causal link between the most famous magic word and the most famous magic symbol, and have not found one - it seems to be a coincidence that they both contain 5 A's, and are both practically a spell that means the same thing - "what i intend has an effect on the world." But perhaps this reveals something about the nature of "coincidence" or "synchronicity" itself, and it's a long, healthy relationship with the experience of magic (another blog, another day). Sometimes these things don't make logical sense but reality just seems to rhyme, in a pleasing and meaningful way - it's a different kind of logic, you might call it synchronicity, or spirit-logic, or you might call it illogical, depending on what story you're running.

The Gnosis right under our Noses

My intention here is to (w)rite a spell that shows you that your words matter - that is, that they turn to matter - and the clues are right under our noses, uttered from our mouths, hidden in the language we use everyday.

If we understand that our words are spells, we can start to live by rites that write our preferred life sentences - we can be the author of our life story, rather than allowing an outside author-ity to do that for us. We are all spellbound by language as we were schooled through childhood, so some re-(w)riting is usually in order. Reframing, positive thinking, affirmations, NLP and hypnosis are all good spells that use language to break curse-words we've been reciting to ourselves. 

We must real-eyes too, that through the spelling of words, and writing of life sentences, we've formed collective stories about who we are, what we can become, how the world works, and so on. For example, there are stories that make us believe that our world is an inanimate collection of objects and biological processes, and our sense of consciousness is an illusion, our words and our thoughts have no effect on reality. Not a story particularly conducive to doing magic, if you ask me,  so it's valuable to assess where these stories come from, how valid they are, and who they benefit. 

It is tempting to assume any effect acquired by using words magically is purely psychological, but this division between psyche and matter is another story unto itself, and isn't how most humans in most times have experienced reality. Charles Eisenstein, whom i adore, refers to this as the Story of Separation, and infers that it is the root of most of the problems we face today...but i digress...choose your stories wisely, they really do matter, and if you don't choose them you'll spend your daze running someone else's story.  


Here's another weird reality rhyme:

How do we use our Word to create the World

With the addition of the letter L, obviously!

so... Word + L = WorLd

And what if we consider the L in this formula as a geometric shape or symbol, that is also code for a right angle, 90*, a quarter, a corner of a square.

The square is also a symbol/code for earth or the physical world, which is divided into the 4 directions. If an L is 1 quarter of the structure of the world, we could say in magical terms that an L is 1 of the 4 eLements that make up the world.

The L in 4 eLements, divides the whOle circle (O), the One, or gOd into 4

If we want to use the ment we just added too, from eLe-ment, and derive from the latin meaning Mind, this formula for turning word into world is starting to look a bit like a magic spell formula itself.

Word + eLe-ment = WorLd

To combine a statement of intent (word), a corresponding eLemental force - earth, air, fire, water - to aid transformation, and ment-al attention (trance, visualisation, ritual, etc), an underlining (if oversimplified) structure of many spells or magic (w)rituals could be derived.

Coincidences (whatever they are), abound. Or spirit logic everywhere. 

When words are fully mined mind-fully, a surprising number of these reality-rhymes are revealed. But i wont spoil all the fun - see what secret spells you can find and share them with us! For it's one thing to change our own worlds with words, but when U 'n' I are in verse, we can create the Universe.


Deeper down the rabbit hole...

For further word weirdness, take a look at this video on the Zipf Mystery, which shows how when word-use frequency is analysed, there is a consistent, predictable pattern that emerges, not only in English but in all languages ever. And not only language but in other fields as diverse as numbers of neural networks in the brain, ingredients used in cookbooks, and the diameter of moon craters. Why? no one knows. It is almost as if our complex reality is built and generated from rather simple underlying patterns, or codes, or information in formation, and no matter what we do we create more of them.


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