Twisty Sticks

(or, what happens when you call a Wizard's wand a 'twisty stick')

Twisty sticks
remind me that this
Is the motion that moves All That Is
And when held betwixt
The hand and Matrix
Can shift scripts to align with the wish

Coz a twisty stick
Amidst the flicking of glyphs
Insists twists are the bits to be witched
And if twisty bits
Are the bits that stitch This
It’s a glitch on which witches should hitch

“A stick is a stick!
Not a Matrix mix kit!
Only kids think that Wizards exist!
This shtick that you pitch
May be slick but it’s kitch
And I think you’re a pinch unhitched!”

To think a trick
Of this twisty stick sitch
Is right-ish but also amiss
For a swish of a twig
With no twist to it’s ridge
Can flick shifts with the twistest of sticks

Or to will for a shift
With no stick in the mix
Can still witch all bits thrice over swiftly
But as it's known by mystics
Some things just trick
And if twisty sticks trick then they’re witchy

For it’s witchy that lifts
Our pitch til it syncs with
the shifts that we’d wish of the matrix
So a twisty stick tricks
And so can a witch
That knows this's an infinite helix

Dat twist, tho

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