Fair Foods

we founded fair foods in order to work on what we consider to be the greatest challenge of our time: sustainably nourishing the world’s rapidly growing population.
an incredible source of high-quality protein. the perfect balance of essential fatty acids. anti-inflammatory. and filled with vitamins and minerals. the hemp seed was everything we were looking for, and then some. but at the time, it just so happens, australia and new zealand were the only two countries in the world where it was illegal to consume hemp as a food. it seemed crazy - one of the most nutritionally abundant food sources on the planet, and yet you couldn’t eat it. but you could still farm it, as long as you had a license (go figure). so, we took the view that australia and new zealand would eventually come to their senses (a risky bet, we know).
around 2015 we began working with farmers throughout tasmania, where hemp farming had first been legalised, in order to develop a supply of these special seeds.
in doing so, we learnt about agriculture; about pests; about weeds; about fungi; about the importance of healthy soil; of the harmonious (and often not-so-harmonious) dance between humans and nature that results in the foods on our plates.
thankfully, back in November, the council of Australian governments came together (along with their senses) and gave hemp the nod of approval. that means you can now enjoy them with all your favourite foods. phew.
for us, hemp is just the beginning. it represents the beginning of our journey to develop tasty, nutritious and sustainable food and drink products. products that empower people to affect change. products that inspire. products that make a difference.


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