Hanky Folk

I’m Dan - surfer, traveller, foodie, father and hanky creator. I grew up with hankies. My old man always used them and the tradition naturally rubbed off on me. It wasn’t until I met my wife, that I realised not everyone used hankies. That was a shock.
The humble handkerchief needed a voice, a revamp and a future.
We make hankies in the most sustainable way we can, knowing full well that the most sustainable thing to do would be not to make them at all. However we think the world needs cool hankies and hope they bring you nothing but happiness, a clean nose and years of great service.
Our hankies are handmade in small batches by two Indonesian families.
They have a long history of working with organic textiles and natural plant dyeing techniques. Check out each hanky to see the plant/colour origins.
We use only the best Certified Organic Cotton along with all Natural Plant Dyes to create stylish yet sustainable hankies. 
Our tie dyed hanky range is created using ancient shibori techniques which make for a truly unique hanky. No two are the same. So when purchasing, be aware that each hanky design varies and embrace the individuality they bring to your life.
Join us and #ditchthetissue
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