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Fermentation Tamper

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Kinfolk and Co. Tinderbox Wooden Fermentation Tamper

The Kinfolk and Co. wooden tamper is classic yet contemporary and a valuable tool in your fermentation adventures!

As the timber itself is salvaged, the availability of the timber species used to make the tampers can change. This can influence the appearance of the end product, thus making each piece completely unique and individual.

To care for your tamper, rinse with soap and water. Do not allow to stand in water for prolonged periods. For stubborn stains sprinkle with baking soda, then rub with a halved lemon. It is recommended that you oil your wood pieces at least once a year or more depending on the environment and frequency of use.

As each tamper is handcrafted, we embrace the imperfections, finding beauty through sustainable design.

Dimensions: 300mm x 50mm