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Cosmic Tarot

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Cosmic Tarot

Created by Norbert Losche

The Cosmic Tarot deck and book set depicts symbols and icons gathered from several different eras, creating accessible images for all tarot readers. Interpretations are provides on three different levels: the cosmos, the human community, and the individual. Book contains 176 pages, illustrated.

From the Creator:

“In creating this tarot, my intention is to make the old knowledge accessible and understandable to everyone by using a few secret symbols as possible. In our times, the search for transcendent meaning and self redemption has replaced the old mystical religions of a distant god. The tarot’s age-old knowledge is always quiet and reserved, yet it welcomes the seeker like an old friend. The tarot, with its dynamic concept of constant change, offers a doctrine for the New Age and thus becomes a reliable guide in this chaotic world of shifting social values.”