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Mini Besom Cleansing Broom

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Mini Besom Broom 

Made from locally foraged wood and grasses, bound with Organic Hemp Twine, our Mini Besoms are intended for use as a cleansing tool, to clear your altar, ritual space or body.

Traditionally held a few inches above the floor, a besom broom is used to cleanse a space of negative energies or "energetic clutter" before creating a magic circle. The sweeping of the actual floor is usually done with a separate utility broom prior to the energetic cleansing. They may also be used as an smoke-free alternative to smudge sticks, for cleansing an area or the body in a similar way. 

Brooms and besoms, hung in houses are a way of warding off negative energy, and for protect the house and its people. We take great care through the creation of our besoms to make both a practical tool as well as a uniquely beautiful piece of art. When placed on the wall as an art piece, they offer their striking natural beauty as well as imbuing the space with protection through their symbolic and talismanic qualities.  

Custom creations are available. Please get in touch!