Wild Magic Wand - Crystal Wand - HeyMoon
Wild Magic Wand - Crystal Wand - HeyMoon

Wild Magic Wand - Crystal Wand

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Crystal Wand

Made from Olive wood

Mental clarity, strength, balance, peace, discernment


Wild Magic Wands have been hand-carved from various foraged woods by our local Wizard, each crafted with much care and consideration and in the spirit of Wild Magic. Every wand is completely unique, with a spirit that emerges both from the wood itself and intuitively throughout the creative process. 

Intended for Witches and Wizards already practicing their craft, who may feel drawn to a particular wand, as well as for the next generation of earth stewards; with which they may play and exercise their imaginative abilities - the greatest magical power they possess!

These wands are also beautiful as display pieces, for natural and metaphysical art-appreciators. They may be used as magical objects to harmonise a space or hold intention, in much the same way one may use a crystal. These wands are talismans; an offering to activate your own Wild Magic. 

Each wand is finished with a natural oil and wax and comes with a handmade cotton pouch. It's difficult to capture the magic in photos, but we are sure you will feel it! 

Which Wand Will Wish for Which Witch?