Wild Magic Wand - 'Liana' The Vine - HeyMoon
Wild Magic Wand - 'Liana' The Vine - HeyMoon

Wild Magic Wand - 'Liana' The Vine

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Liana - Vine Wand


Spiralling upward, connecting Earth to the Heavens, the vine's adaptability and flexibility allows her to connect with all creatures of the forest, networking and supporting others, creating ladders for others to climb. She will find light in the shadows, and make the most of the opportunities, even when surrounded by giants. 


Wild Magic Wands have been hand-carved from various foraged woods by our local Wizard, each crafted with much care and consideration and in the spirit of Wild Magic. Every wand is completely unique, with a spirit that emerges both from the wood itself and intuitively throughout the creative process. 

Intended for Witches and Wizards already practicing their craft, who may feel drawn to a particular wand, as well as for the next generation of earth stewards; with which they may play and exercise their imaginative abilities - the greatest magical power they possess!

These wands are also beautiful as display pieces, for natural and metaphysical art-appreciators. They may be used as magical objects to harmonise a space or hold intention, in much the same way one may use a crystal. These wands are talismans; an offering to activate your own Wild Magic. 

Each wand is finished with a natural oil and wax and comes with a handmade cotton pouch. It's difficult to capture the magic in photos, but we are sure you will feel it! 

Which Wand Will Wish for Which Witch?