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Clear Biodegradable Bandages

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Everyday Good Co. Clear Biodegradable Bandages (20)

These Clear Biodegradable Bandages are thin, flexible and clear (just like we promised). They are the best in our range for minor wounds in tricky areas.

Still sensitive skin friendly and latex free, our Clear Biodegradable Bandages break down in 1.5 years, decompose completely in approximately 3 years and are made using 10% recycled material.

These adhesive bandages are the hardest wearing in our range, though if it’s for new shoes that rub you might be best sticking with what you know. Hey, we’re honest, and their slim design means less cushioning.

We recommend changing them daily if they’re used on an area that rubs, and advise against use for those on skin thinning medications. They are very sticky.