We are a little family of 4 residing in the lush forest of Mt Nebo, Queensland.

The forest is our home and our muse; she inspires us to live a natural, harmonious life in all that we do, and that has been our life's work.  We garden, play, create and work in ways that enhance and support Nature and Community to the best of our abilities.

We believe in treading lightly on the Earth, and in the power of people to create change through the small choices and actions we make every day.

Hey Moon is a small business we've started with the aim of connecting people with products that we're most passionate about - products with stories behind them, products that inspire, unique products created by passionate artisans, products that are ethically created and sourced, holistic products that enrich our lives.

It is our hope that by helping others to access these things, we support other like-minds and bring more harmony and beauty into the lives of others too.

"Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished" 
Lao Tzu

We believe in humble beginnings and allowing things to grow naturally. We hope you'll join us on this journey as we co-create a more beautiful world, one step at a time.